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Spin-Off: function(HR)™

functionHR provides a software solution for people analytics and data-enhanced human resource management. Their award-winning HR Keyboard enables firms to leverage the power of analytics and artificial intelligence across the entire HR value chain – from recruiting, engagement and performance to employee exits. Their Employee Experience Hub integrates surveys, feedback and continuous listening across the employee journey.

The HR Keyboard builds on advanced techniques from statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (e.g., regression, natural language processing, neural networks). Its integrated people analytics solutions are precisely targeted at firms’ HR and business challenges (e.g., predictive recruitment budgeting, identification of drivers of employee engagement and performance, prediction of churn risk), and designed to maximize both employee experience and business value. With these solutions, the HR Keyboard empowers customers to make faster and better – that is, both more efficient and effective – HR decisions.

Further, it enables them to more closely align and personalize their human resource management along their particular workforce and business needs. The HR Keyboard yields particular benefits for strategic roles (e.g., C-level, HR strategy), but also enhances operational tasks (e.g., recruiting) and leadership. Through its interactive, web-based frontend, it can be used in self-service and allows to make advanced people analytics accessible to a broad usership.

Complementing its software solution, functionHR assists customers with full-service consulting to ensure their people analytics journey leads to success.

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