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Daniel Mühlbauer

Dr. Daniel Mühlbauer, MBR

Research and Teaching Assistant from 2010-2015


Title of Dissertation

Individual Heterogeneity and Collective Behavior Formation: Theory, Experiments, and Implications for Human Resource Management


After earning a degree in economics at the BUW Wuppertal, Daniel joined the HCM in 2010 as a research and teaching assistant. In his dissertation, he emphasized the importance of the individual tendency to participate in processes of collective behavior for effective strategy implementation. Upon completing his dissertation in 2016, Daniel founded function(HR)™ together with our former team members Julian Huff and Julian Süß. function(HR)™ provides software-solutions and consulting for people analytics along the entire HR lifecycle. In his new role, Daniel is mainly responsible for topics concerning marketing and customer relations. function(HR)™ stays connected to the HCM in our partner network.