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People Analytics

People Analytics occupies the intersection of practice and science. It brings theory, data, and sophisticated methodologies to bear on HR- and people-related issues, such as recruiting talent, performance management, high potential programs, team composition, and health management, among others. These topics are vital to firm performance, yet often suffer from decision biases and an incomplete understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. HR professionals are increasingly aware of these problems, and of the potentials which rest in solving them. An increasing number of firms cooperate with scientists to generate opportunities for value creation through better managerial decision making.

In our view, People Analytics is a perfect win-win situation. Firms can learn more about the economic impact of their people management. We provide insights, theoretical underpinning, and analytical expertise. We are interested in a broad variety of People Analytics questions, such as:

  • Is targeted recruitment effective in attracting and hiring the target group?
  • Active search, outside and inside the firm - is it effective?
  • Does onboarding help retaining the best employees?
  • What is the economic impact of flexibility?
  • What are the benefits and costs of high-potential programs?
  • Target setting and performance appraisal - does it relate to effort and performance?

Doctoral alumni of the Institute for HCM have founded a very interesting start-up firm in the People Analytics field. Find out more here at the function(HR) webpage.

The Institute for HCM is part of LMU’s “Organizations Research Group” (ORG). The ORG bundles researchers from an interdisciplinary field, such as HR, organizational economics, strategy, technology, and innovation.

We are excited to learn about your interests in People Analytics. Please contact Ingo Weller ( for further information.