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New publication forthcoming in the Journal of Management


Recently, the Journal of Management accepted a research paper by Ingo Weller and our former team member Julian Süß (as well as Heiner Evanschitzky, Aston University, and Florian von Wangenheim, ETH Zurich) for publication. The Journal of Management is among the most highly cited journals in our field, and ranks 2nd out of 82 in Applied Psychology, 3rd out of 209 in Management, and 4th out of 140 in Business (

In the paper, the author team developed theory about and tested how visionary leaders (called transformational leaders) contribute to the strategy execution process through developing and applying high performance work systems, and creating consensual expectations and perceptions among employees.

Weller, I., Süß, J., Evanschitzky, H., & v. Wangenheim, F. (2018). Transformational leadership, high performance work systems consensus, and customer satisfaction. Journal of Management, forthcoming.


We use human resource (HR) system strength theory to argue that transformational leadership leads to employee consensus on a unit’s high performance work system (HPWS); that consensus helps align employee attitudes; and that a compression in attitudes facilitates strategy execution and unit-level outcomes. Empirical tests based on a four-year linked employee-customer panel data set, involving 255 do-it-yourself (DIY) stores, support our predictions.

Transformational leadership is positively related to HPWS consensus. Consensus is negatively associated with unit-level job satisfaction dispersion, which in turn relates positively to unit-level customer satisfaction. Our study makes important contributions to the strategic HR and HR system strength literatures, highlighting the roles of leadership and employee consensus in strategy execution.