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Seminar CSR and HRM: Responsible People Management


Dear Students,

We are excited to offer you a newly designed MSc seminar on a highly relevant, current, and also impactful topic: „CSR and HRM: Responsible People Management“. In this seminar, we analyze the role of businesses for employees, society, and a sustainable future, with special reference to the crucial role of HR. If you are curious please have a look at our syllabus (see LSF).

If you are interested in the seminar please register via the online link provided in the LSF by September 30.
The registration is already open. The number of participants is limited to 16, and enrolment is based on the “first come first serve” principle.

Due to coordination issues, the seminar starts on October 25 (i.e., in the second week of the semester). To get prepared, we ask all participants to read the first introductory papers (see syllabus) that are going to be discussed on November 8 and November 15.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you in our seminar and do not forget to register ;).