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Application Procedure

Application for a Bachelor or Master thesis at the institute for HCM is possible at any time of the year.

For Bachelor students, we strongly recommend the completion of our main seminar as well as of our introductory lecture Human Resource Management Basics. Familiarity with our topics, expectations, and procedures is beneficial for the successful work on your thesis.

Master students are strongly recommended to participate in relevant seminars and classes (e.g., Leadership & Human Resources) prior to the thesis.

Bachelor theses at the institute for HCM may be theoretical/conceptual, or empirical. Master theses at our institute have to be empirical. Please refer to the "Topics" section (see below) for further information.

Guidelines and process description for applying

  1. Application for a thesis is possible at any time of the year. Start your online application here. Among others, we ask you to
    1. specify the suggested day of completion/ submission of your thesis;
    2. indicate your preffered topic area;
    3. craft a brief motivation letter;
  2. After the application and as soon as possible, we inform you about whether your application was successful or not. We also make an initial topic suggestion and match you with a thesis supervisor, based on the information that you provided.
  3. The next step is an initial meeting with your supervisor, which is followed by an intensive pre-thesis preparatory working phase of about 2 - 4 weeks.
  4. After the preparatory working phase, the thesis is officially registered, and the clock starts ticking (Bachelor: 8 weeks; Master: 22 weeks).
  5. While working on your thesis, you are required to participate in our thesis colloquium. One visit is mandatory, but more visits are possible if needed. At the moment Colloquiums are held online via Zoom; dates will be scheduled with your supervisor. The colloquiums are visited by the institute’s members, and by fellow students. Each student is supposed to present his/her thesis at least once after the registration, where presentations take about 10 minutes followed by a plenary discussion. Please coordinate your visit closely with your supervisor, and plan in advance.
  6. At the moment, digital submission of your thesis is sufficient, for details please find information on the ISC homepage. We will update this information as soon as we return to the usual way of submission, which is: The final submission of the thesis entails a digital and two printed copies. The printed copies need to be submitted to the ISC, one of them comprising a data stick with .docx and .pdf files of your thesis. In the case of an empirical thesis, please also submit all raw data and syntax files used for the thesis.
  7. Grades are released approximately eight weeks after the submission of a thesis (or faster).