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Update: Summer Term 2020

We are happy to confirm that we will offer all of our planned courses in the upcoming summer semester 2020. The courses will take alternative formats, and use digital and interactive tools whenever possible (e.g. zoom, online videos). Detailed information on the contents and formats of specific courses will be available in the LSF soon (please check the LSF regularly).

Please make sure that you are prepared for the summer term, and install the needed software tools (e.g. zoom) on your personal devices before the semester. The needed tools as well as the availability of LMU-licenses will be indicated in the syllabi and information of the respective courses.

We are pleased to work with you and will keep you informed about potential short-term changes.
In the meantime, we wish you and your families all the best – stay healthy and think positive!

Ingo Weller and the Institute Team

Teaching Concept and Program

Our teaching concept is based on the two pillars of sound theory and practical impact. We are firmly convinced that there are no easy solutions to HR problems. We are also convinced that HR managers can make a difference, for their businesses and for society as a whole. We use a variety of teaching methods and media: Lectures and tutorials; interactive seminars; and hands-on courses (e.g., STATA/R software). In our research and teaching programs, we cooperate with partners and speakers from the local and national industry, as well as international researchers.

Our teaching program is directed at students with an interest in

  • Positions in HR
  • Leadership positions
  • Consulting firms
  • Social science research institutions
  • Academia

The following table provides an overview of the teaching activities of the Institute for HCM. Current semester information is available in the LSF.

Summer Term Winter Term
Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
Lecture (in German only):
Wissenschaftstheorie (3 ECTS)
Lecture (in German only):
Ringvorlesung “BWL in Theorie und Praxis“ (3 ECTS)
Lecture: People & Organizations (3 ECTS) Main Seminar: Various HR Topics (6 ECTS)
Lecture/Tutorials: HRM Basics (6 ECTS) Thesis Colloquium
Main Seminar: Various HR Topics (6 ECTS)
Thesis Colloquium
Digital HR (6 ECTS)
Master of Science (M. Sc.) Master of Science (M. Sc.)
Seminar: Organizations and Social Networks (6 ECTS) Lecture/Tutorials: Leadership & Human Resources (9 ECTS)
Project Course: Various HR Topics and Firm Partners (12 ECTS) Seminar: CSR and HRM: Responsible People Management (6 ECTS)
Thesis Colloquium Project Course: Various HR Topics and Firm Partners (12 ECTS)
Thesis Colloquium
Master of Business Research (MBR) Master of Business Research (MBR)
Seminar: Basic Readings (3 ECTS) Seminar: Basic Readings (3 ECTS)
Seminar: wORGshop Lunch Seminar Seminar: wORGshop Lunch Seminar
Doctoral Colloquium and HCM Readings Sessions (HCM doctoral candidates only) Doctoral Colloquium and HCM Readings Sessions (HCM doctoral candidates only)

Short description of Bachelor classes, summer term.

Short description of Bachelor classes, winter term.

Short description of Master classes.

Short description of MBR classes.

Thesis Colloquiums: Thesis Colloquiums (Bachelor and Master of Science) are on every first Monday of a month from 12.00-14.00h in room 006 (office Prof. Weller), Schackstraße 4. Click here for the exact dates.

Thesis application procedure: Please see the information provided below.

Please note that the number of participants in lectures is not limited. For seminars, however, limitations may apply and prior registration may be required. Please check the supplementary information in the LSF. Thank you!