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Bachelor classes, winter term

Lecture (in German only):
Ringvorlesung “BWL in Theorie und Praxis“ (3 ECTS)

In der Veranstaltung präsentieren sich die fünf Kompetenzfelder (Accounting, Finance & Insurance, Marketing & Strategie, Innovation sowie Leadership & Human Resources) der Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaft. Für jedes Kompetenzfeld wird der Aufbau des Studiums, das heißt die in den Semestern 4-6 angebotenen Spezialisierung in diesem Kompetenzfeld vorgestellt. Darüber hinaus werden die in der jeweiligen Vertiefung zu erwerbenden Kompetenzen und zu erreichenden beruflichen Tätigkeitsfelder skizziert und durch Vorträge von Gastrednern aus der Praxis ergänzt. Aktuelle Informationen  finden Sie hier.

Main Seminar: Current Topics in HRM (6 ECTS)

The seminar is offered every semester with a focus on current and seminal topics in strategic human resource management. Amongst others, seminar topics are pay transparency and its effect both on employer and employees, pay and performance management, talent management and the overarching topic of match quality and its dynamic development. Participants can select one of the offered topics and write their individual seminar thesis (processing time: 4 weeks).

As an introduction, the kick-off events in the first week discuss general requirements of scientific work which are put into practice by students. The completion of the seminar qualifies for the possibility to write a thesis at the Institute of Human Capital Management.

Information on the application procedure can be found here:

The application period for the winter term 2021/22 is from 7th to 22nd of June 2021!

Making Sense of People Data - Introduction to People Analytics

This course consists of a flipped classroom format. Each week, you will receive online videos to watch at home dealing with the theory and practice of people analytics. In class, we pursue to convey the methodological skills to conduct people analytics projects through hands on explo-ration of a variety of use cases using the programming software R.

Using a real data set, you will learn to clean, prepare and describe data, to visualize relationships, to extract insights and predictions, and to communicate your findings. Topic wise, we deal with use cases of hiring, performance, and turnover. We also discuss ethics, limitations, and possibilities of using com-putational methods such as machine learning in HR.


Application information:

Thesis Colloquium

Thesis Colloquiums (Bachelor and Master of Science) are on every first Monday of a month from 12.00-14.00h in room 006 (office Prof. Weller), Schackstraße 4.

Currently all colloquiums take place online via Zoom. The dates will be coordinated with your supervisor.