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HCM Verlag

The HCM Verlag publishes dissertations from the Institute for Human Capital Management. The dissertations series, titled “Strategic Human Capital Management”, is edited by Ingo Weller, and single titles are purchaseable upon request: please contact Kerstin Gottscheber at

Strategic Human Capital Management – available titles:

pfridrichs Friedrichs, P. (2017). Firm Flexibility, Firm Structure, and Human Resource Management.
jebert Ebert, J. (2017). Human Resource Management and Family-Friendly Work Practices: Mechanisms, Boundary Conditions and Employee-Based Outcomes.
Daniel Diss Mühlbauer, D. (2018). Individual Heterogeneity and Collective Behavior Formation:
Theory, Experiments, and Implications for Human Resource Management
Michael Diss Schüssler, M. (2018). Essays on Microfoundations in Strategic Human Resource Management:
Mechanisms, Experimental Evidence, and Future Research Avenues
Diss_Huff_Homepage2 Huff, J. (2018). Studying Human Resource Management as a Complex Phenomenon:
A Systems-based Approach to HRM System
Max Abele Abele, M. (2017). Strategic Human Resource Management in Small and Medium-Sized Technology Enterprises: Content and Process Perspectives
Julian Süß Süß, J. (2016). Individual and Organizational Effects of HRM Systems
Hanna Kuschel Diss Kuschel, H. (2018). Flexibilität in Arbeitszeit und Arbeitsort – Eine empirische Untersuchung der Einführung von mobilem Arbeiten in einem deutschen Industrieunternehmen