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Topics and Partners in our Master of Science Project Courses

Topics in our Bachelor of Science Introductory & Advanced Seminars

  • Summer term 2019: "Strategic HRM"
  • Winter term 2018/19: "Talent Management"
  • Summer term 2018: "Compensation, Motivation, and Incentives"
  • Winter term 2017/18: "Strategy and Human Resource Management"
  • Summer term 2017: "Talent Management"
  • Winter term 2016/17: "Compensation, Motivation, and Incentives"
  • Summer term 2016: "Strategy and Human Resource Management"
  • Winter term 2015/16: "Talent Management"
  • Summer term 2015: "HR Analytics"
  • Winter term 2014/15: "Strategic Human Capital"
  • Summer term 2014: "HRM in small and medium sized enterprises"
  • Winter term 2013/14: "International Human Resource Management – People Management in a globalized world".
  • Summer term 2013: "Value Creation through Human Resource Management". Also this year Mr. Andreas Ruppert from Siemens AG was our guest and presented a lecture on "Performance Management @Siemens".
  • Winter term 2012/13: "Personnel Development and Commitment". As a guest we welcomed Mr. Andreas Ruppert from Siemens AG who gave a speech on the topic "Employee Development @Siemens".
  • Summer term 2012: "Payment policy". Mr. Stefan Würz from Mercer was our guest and lectured about "Human Resource Consulting - Experiences with consulting".
  • Winter term 2011/12: "Recruitment" in the winter term 2011/12. Kienbaum Management Consultants and Aconso AG joined the seminar as guests and sponsors.
  • Summer term 2011: "Ethik, CSR and HRM"
  • Winter term 2010/11: "Strategic Human Resource Management"
  • Summer term 2010: "HRM and (Green) Innovation"