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The Institute for HCM was founded as an endowed chair of the Employer’s Association for the Bavarian Metalworking and Electrical Industries (vbm) at the end of 2009. The “HR Symposium” was held once a year in the founding years of the institute to stir a vivid dialogue between HR practice and research.


The symposium took place on May 6, 2011. Speakers were Prof. Dieter Sadowski (University of Trier), Thomas Sattelberger (CHRO, Deutsche Telekom AG), Harald Krüger (CHRO, BMW AG), Ulrich Klotz (IG Metall) and Prof. Arnold Picot (LMU). The discussion was moderated by Randolf Jessl, Chief Editor of personalmagazin.


On April 19th 2012, the second HR-Symposium took place. The symposium centered around the topic of HRM strategies in uncertain times. Speakers were, among others, Dr. Thomas Marquardt (Global Head of HR, Infineon Technologies AG), Dr. Matthias Meifert (Partner, Kienbaum Management Consultants GmbH), Christoph Jost (CEO, Absolventa GmbH), Randolf Jessl (Chief Editor, personalmagazin) and Matthias Schneider (CEO, Sage HR Solutions AG).


The third HR-Symposium on the "War for Talent" took place on April 18, 2013. Speakers were, among others, Kerstin Wagner (Head of Talent Acquisition, DB Mobility Logistics AG). Furthermore, the best theses submitted to the Institute for Human Capital Management were honored.


The fourth HR-Symposium took place on October 16, 2014. The central topic was “HRM Between the Priorities of Market, Politics, and Society”. Main speaker was Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn (President, ifo Institute), who talked about the “Reversal of the Agenda 2010”.